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Moving to GitHub, slowly

The software on this pages will slowly be moved to GitHub https://github.com/hilbix/. The CVS repository will be migrated to GIT as well, so the history will be preserved, a bit. See FAQ.

Scylla and Charybdis, slowdown - Tools

The tools are developed under Linux with ESR's paradigm release early, release often in mind.
So you can consider this beta software, or alpha, or pre-alpha, or even worse ;)

Have a look in the download directory for all downloads.
As always here, all you get is the source. No binaries here.

slowdown 0.2.1-20090204-160027

Slowdown processes or pipes.

⇒ ⇒ ⇒ The development shifted to another location. All future versions will be published at https://github.com/hilbix/slowdown   ⇐ ⇐ ⇐

Note that there is a similar project called slowdown at freshmeat.net running under SunOS and Linux.

My version here is designed for modern Linux only to slowdown pipes and processes. It slowdowns all syscalls, not only the IO ones. It can be used as a pipe, can slowdown forked processes and attach to already running processes.

For more please look into README.


version 0.2.1-20090204-160027

download (15571 bytes) sig

Delay must be in sane area now, a delay higher than 1 hour now is rejected.

Install path changed to /usr/local/bin/

version 0.2.0-20060522-020928

download (15033 bytes)

Minor bugfix and added "slowdown 0 PID" to detach a "hung" process.

If you attach to a process with something like

slowdown 100 PID

and then kill slowdown with ^C, this very likely leaves a hung PID, because slowdown (not yet) detaches the PID and leaves it in the traced state. You now can recover from this using

slowdown 0 PID

which undoes the trace effect and (nearly) immediately returns. Note that it's likely that you don't see this hanging effect easily if you use

slowdown 1 PID

as the minimal timer resolution usually is somewhat around 15, so a faster timer is faked such that it's likely that you do not kill slowdown when the child is in traced state.

version 0.1.0-20060502-061446

download (14026 bytes)

Minor improvements in reporting and delay processing.

version 0.0.0-20060501-042638

download (12411 bytes)

First version. It works.

License and Disclaimer

All you can see here is free software according to the GNU GPL.
Copyright (C)2000-2011 by Valentin Hilbig
Note that the software comes with absolutely no warranty of any kind.
You use the software at your own risk.
Valentin Hilbig cannot be hold responsible for any unintended damage,
lost data or malfunction of the software you can find here.

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