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Moving to GitHub, slowly

The software on this pages will slowly be moved to GitHub https://github.com/hilbix/. The CVS repository will be migrated to GIT as well, so the history will be preserved, a bit. See FAQ.

Scylla and Charybdis, gcopy - Tools

The tools are developed under Linux with ESR's paradigm release early, release often in mind.
So you can consider this beta software, or alpha, or pre-alpha, or even worse ;)

Have a look in the download directory for all downloads.
As always here, all you get is the source. No binaries here.

gcopy 0.0.4-20081029-203605

GCOPY - generalized copy

⇒ ⇒ ⇒ The development shifted to another location. All future versions will be published at https://github.com/hilbix/gcopy   ⇐ ⇐ ⇐

GCOPY is a file copy utilitiy under GNU Copyleft.

GCOPY is just a rough start, however it does the job. Some main features (like networking) are not yet implemented.

One main goal of GCOPY is to never harm data. It shall never overwrite files if not explicitly told to do so. The second idea is to bundle data copy functions in it, which do not come easy. Also it can be extend with new features as soon as I need it.

Features implemented:

Direct IO to reduce buffering overhead; Big copy buffer size (1 MB) to reduce thrashing; Overwrite mode (via rename); Copy of file permission setting; Progress status

Missing features:

Copy of capabilities; Safe mode (this is: use link() instead of rename() on backups); Compare mode; Automatic append mode; Networking; Many other basic features


version 0.0.4-20081029-203605

download (228032 bytes) sig

Bugfix release:

Was able to run out of filehandles (read list from stdin), progress output improved.

version 0.0.3-20081021-012821

download (227178 bytes) sig

Important bugfix release:

This here removes a nasty bug which randomly caused a SEGV (perhaps with harm).

version 0.0.2-20081020-033533

(226977 bytes archive)

Bugfix release

Variant "gcopy a b" did not work correctly with paths.

version 0.0.1-20081020-031114

(226996 bytes archive)

Usage fixes

version 0.0.0-20081020-030425

(226916 bytes archive)

A very first version. Nearly untested.

License and Disclaimer

All you can see here is free software according to the GNU GPL.
Copyright (C)2000-2011 by Valentin Hilbig
Note that the software comes with absolutely no warranty of any kind.
You use the software at your own risk.
Valentin Hilbig cannot be hold responsible for any unintended damage,
lost data or malfunction of the software you can find here.

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