Most files here in this directory may be copied according to the
GNU GPL v2 or higher.  To be sure please look into the archives.

This is release early release often code.  It may contain bugs!
Use at your own risk only.  I am not liable for any damage.

Note, however, that most stuff here I use myself on a daily basis.
I try to do my best that all programs run at a maximum safety
level.  However I cannot give any security guarantee, sorry.

Layout of what you see here:

	directory with discontinued (historic) versions

	Softlink to the latest source code of a package
	Versioned package (new style)
	Versioned package (old style)
anything else
	Irregular versioned or other stuff copied here.

Version is something like (regexp):
or better readable
where the first number may be nagative.

You will see someting like
package-0.1.2a-YYYYMMDD-HHMMSS.tar.gz or
package-7.5-stable-YYYYMMDD-HHMMSS.tar.gz or

The latter means this is version "minus zero a",
thus something just before reaching version 0.
Note that -0 is less than 0 in this case.
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