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Moving to GitHub, slowly

The software on this pages will slowly be moved to GitHub https://github.com/hilbix/. The CVS repository will be migrated to GIT as well, so the history will be preserved, a bit. See FAQ.

Scylla and Charybdis, processes for data backup, transfer and transformation

Welcome. This page describes in short form what you find here.

The software I write is mainly about data backup, transfer, transformation and associated tasks like system adminstration.

Further reading

Latest update

Quick overview

The main page you are probably interested in are the "Tools (new)". This page lists the tools from which might interest you.

These tools are packaged with "make dist" from my tinolib. Then they are automagically deployed here.

Scylla + Charybdis

There is the old homepage of Scylla and Charybdis "Scylla+Charybdis old home" which is a real chaos. Perhaps you better skip it and just proceed to the downloads. However this page is where everything started and I never came around to fix this page.

Additional tools

And there are some elder tools which are listed under an old tools page "Tools (old)". This page was manually maintained and thus is awful, clumsy and painful. However I still not came around to move these to the new format.

Please note that there are interesting things in it like xml2sql-v which is a tool to insert the contents of any XML file into a SQL database for postprocessing the XML structure with SQL. I use this frequently to post-process XML files to fetch the contents into the database. So this is a common adaptor for tools which are able to write XML to import the contents into a database. You then can access the xml structure through select statements (well, often you need some pivot transformations as xml2sql-v cannot interpret the contents, only the XML structure, but a good ETL tool shall provide this to you). xml2sql-v was not designed for the EAI case where single XML requests must be handled efficiently (your application must handle this) but for the data load case, where you have gigantic XML files, this is a tool of relief.

Central theme

All my tools here have one thing in common and that is data processing. It's not all too uncommon for things in Internet to be about that. Some of the tools are only associated with data processing, as they are related to system maintainance, which you need to do the data processing.

The common problems with data processing are:

The main obstacles on the way to gain the results are incompatibilities and interrupts of services and plain bugs. So the processes shall be defined as follows:

Example for md5backup:

Example of ptybuffer:

Development grade code

All tools presented here have development grade code. This means, they are in constant development. And the releases are early, that is, I do release them here before I try them myself thouroughly. (Normally I do a release and install it somewhere. So it can take some days until I notice flaws.)

So you must expect bugs if I made a mistake. That's why there are around all those old versions. If you have trouble you can revert to them.

Also I do not provide binaries. I do not have the time to do so. Currently there is nobody else supporting me with providing binaries for all platforms. So you must compile it yourself. This can trigger problems as I don't try the compile on different platforms. I just compile it where I need it. So I will fix things as soon as I see prooblems, but this might take it's time.

Platforms I want to support are:

However for today this only means if you have problems with it, please try to patch it yourself and perhaps send the patches to me. You don't need to explain things a lot. If you are short of time just do

	patch=patch.tgz; tar cfz - . | uuencode "$patch" | mail -s "$patch" webmaster@scylla-charybdis.com

and let me sort things out (but don't expect a quick answer).


This all here shall sometime combine with many of my other pages into a central CMS. Currently (June 2006) the layout of this pages are the most advanced design (table-less design, fully HTML compliant with no Tidy warnings, with Accessibility and Breadcrumbs). They are lacking central CSS support, colors and further layout, of course.

All this has to come with a CMS, where the task of layouting is no more this cumbersome like today, where central formats can be applied to pages more easily. However no CMS out there fulfills my demands. The only one which comes near my basic needs is Bamboo, this is:

Well, it takes time to create such a thing myself. You will find it here as soon as I start working on it. Project name is tinocms, of course.

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