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Moving to GitHub, slowly

The software on this pages will slowly be moved to GitHub https://github.com/hilbix/. The CVS repository will be migrated to GIT as well, so the history will be preserved, a bit. See FAQ.

Scylla and Charybdis, debris - Tools

The tools are developed under Linux with ESR's paradigm release early, release often in mind.
So you can consider this beta software, or alpha, or pre-alpha, or even worse ;)

Have a look in the download directory for all downloads.
As always here, all you get is the source. No binaries here.

debris 0.0.6-20050815-030456

DebRIS: DEBian Remote Install Scripter

⇒ ⇒ ⇒ The development shifted to another location. All future versions will be published at https://github.com/hilbix/debris   ⇐ ⇐ ⇐

To install a Debian on some remote system, just do a rescue boot with networking, and then do something like:

wget $DEBRIS/debris
chmod +x debris
./debris $DEBRIS password
The URL must point to the SirbeD service. Password is the session password as a failsafe measure. The rest then is handled via SirbeD.

Sometimes in the future this will become step 3 of HilbiX. (Note that HilbiX itself does not currently exist.)


version 0.0.6-20050815-030456

download (121720 bytes)

Sigh .. prefixed all functions with dris_ to avoid name clashes.

version 0.0.5-20050815-025108

download (121573 bytes)

Minor changes for better debugging. And first version of debris.php server script (Sirbed).

version 0.0.4-20050814-044554

download (120783 bytes)

Tinolib now included (as I need it).

version 0.0.3-20050814-010304

download (24660 bytes)

Added all basic functions to DebRIS

Still untested.

version 0.0.2-20050725-054017

download (23128 bytes)

I had some problems compiling under diet. This version should fix it.

If first compiles diet, then uses a wrapper to set various things, such that the other parts can be compiled.

Note that this version is still an untested intermediate version on the way to something which is running as expected.

version 0.0.1-20050601-043926

download (18093 bytes)

This is a very first version without internal commands.

It compiles. As SirbeD is missing yet, I cannot test it ;)

License and Disclaimer

All you can see here is free software according to the GNU GPL.
Copyright (C)2000-2011 by Valentin Hilbig
Note that the software comes with absolutely no warranty of any kind.
You use the software at your own risk.
Valentin Hilbig cannot be hold responsible for any unintended damage,
lost data or malfunction of the software you can find here.

[FSFE contributor 2007]

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